12+ Beautiful Olive Green Hatching Eggs , OE

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    Beautiful Olive Eggs for sale! I have so many OE's laying these beautiful eggs I thought I would share. $35 plus $15 to ship. You will receive 12 OE eggs plus some OE/ Maran eggs witch are dark browns as extras (if available). I have checked fertility and everything is perfect. My hatch rate at home 90-100%. If you are interested PM me with your email address and I will send you an invoice through paypal. It can take 4 days to collect your eggs. I will make sure I pack your eggs with care. Each egg is wrapped with bubble wrap and then placed into packing peanuts and double boxed with more packing peanuts. I can not control how your package is treated by USPS workers. Shipping will be $15 for Priority shipping. Buying hatching eggs that are shipped is a gamble so I can not guarantee hatch rates. YOUR EGGS MAY NOT HATCH. Questions? This is how I pack eggs (polish egg pictured) [​IMG] The OE's [​IMG] Eggs [​IMG] [​IMG]
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