12 birch, cuckoo maran hatching eggs

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Selling for my mother-in-law :)

    She has birchen maran hens, and also welsummers and a cuckoo maran hen.

    These eggs are what you get. From this weekend, I'm not going to hatch anymore until spring.

    These eggs are only birchen and cuckoo hens.

    She has 4 possible fathers, birchen maran, welsummer, barnevelder, and white leghorn are in the pen.

    I have a few dozen in the incubator of her eggs, and I have chicks in 20/24 on day 9.
    Fertility looks great.

    12 eggs total, picture is the eggs.
    1 day sale only.

    I will wrap them with every means necessary to make it safely to where you are. Also can't guarantee post office handling, or because of your hatching abilities, or temperatures, etc. These are eggs, and there are risks.

    For those who don't know what birchen color is, they are black with white lacing around the neck feathers. Some of the darks eggs, if not many of them, will be pure bred.

    These will ship out Tuesday, Jan. 4, to put the freshest eggs out fast!
    Paypal preferred.

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