12 Black,Blue,Splash Bantam Cochin eggs

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    These will ship out on mondays only and when theres no ice and above freezing weather. Excellent fertility big cousions when they are kept up and not in the breeder pens great leg feathering and all the way down the third toe and NO extra toes! I do also have solid blues that are not pictured but I can get pictures of them and of the cousions them self they are wide just my pictures are at the wrong angles and blurred a bit from cochins trying to get closer to me LOL. I have partridges also laying 1-2 eggs a day I can do 6 at the most on them. Also ALL of my birds are seperate and I use shipping methods of the best people here on BYC and never have had eggs broke in shipping last year and most hatched beautiful babies.

    Oh the black hen in the back was being favorited by my roos and in moult
    Baby black pullet

    PS I have barred and cuckoo and red and black frizzle and mottled and birchen, gold laced cochins too and the auction picture is of baby birchens, blacks and mottles from last spring.
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    Just posting to remember the seller. I would like to get a set of these perhaps later this month or early next month, perhaps with a few partridge cochins thrown in. Please put me on a list if you have one! Thanks!


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