12 Black Orpington Eggs

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    Apr 18, 2007
    This auction is for 12 Black Orpington hatching eggs. These are some hugh, fluffy birds. The main roo in this pen is the biggest rooster we have on the ranch and he is a gentle giant. I will send extra eggs if available.

    Please paypal only to [email protected] as soon as possible at the end of the auction.

    The original stock of the Black Orpingtons came from Sandhill, however we have been breeding the Orpingtons for several years. We have added some blood from a few other private breeders.

    Eggs will be mailed priority mail and I have began double boxing all hatching eggs since the post office seems to be really tossing the boxes around. This makes shipping more expensive but hopefully protects the eggs.

    I will be glad to answer any additional questions.


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