12 + BLRW Eggs

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  1. Nava

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    I will have 12+ eggs from my flock, I've been hatching for my self and now I want to offer them to you, I can't guarantee your hatch rate since this will be shipped eggs. I have been having 95% hatch rate here since I got the 1502 sportsman incubator.

    I will include pics of my birds, I don't have any with strait comb mine are all rose combs and I''m working on this project with the goal to have some of the best SQ stock, and be a contender at the Poultry shows and hopefully win a title with a good bird.
    so far I got a heart shaped birds with great combs


    I sold most of my girls and culled others and just kept the ones that I tough looked the best * shape *

    this is one of my younger pullets that I will be taking to the poultry show here in fl, i think she will be a perfect size by then she is just 4 months at the moment

    sorry for the pic quality but here's what she looks like * mother's Pic last year *
    2011 chicks

    learning as I go, and I like the way I'm going

    Members of the NPIP since the begining of 2011

    P.S I sell day old chicks too


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    Howdy [​IMG]
    Lovely chickies. [​IMG]

    One thing is Wyandottes have rose combs not pea combs. From your pics your chickies have nice rose combs. [​IMG]
    Just wanted to point it out without sounding like a smarty pants. [​IMG]
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    nice birds nava!!
  4. Duramaxgirl

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    Feb 12, 2010
    That's a nice dark red splash rooster [​IMG] good job!

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