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    My BLR Wyandottes are laying well and have good fertility. I should be able to send 14-15 fresh eggs. PM to buy.

    Paypal only. Shipping is 15.00 east of the Mississippi and 20.00 west. Priority with confirmation.

    I individually bubble wrap and double box. Eggs are placed upright which helps keep air cells intact. I use pine shavings in the outer box that does add to the weight but provides some insulation and extra protection. While I cannot guarantee results due to the variables of shipping and incubating, generally hatch rates are better than average for shipped eggs.

    These are huge birds. They were hatched last February so are still growing. These pics were taken between 8-10 months of age.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    PM sent!
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    Oh Luanne.....they are all gorgeous !

    I can also personally say that she is the best packer I have ever seen...she shipped eggs to me here in Washington and the outer box was mashed, the inner box and all the eggs were perfect !

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