12 Blue and Splash standard cochin hatching eggs Hamilton Ga NPIP


Red Roof Hens
10 Years
Feb 2, 2009
Hamilton Ga
12 Blue and Splash standard cochin hatching eggs. I have two Blue roos over 4 splash hens and one Blue hen. Very nice feathered feet beautiful birds. Got them from some one that said the parent are show Quality. Can not guarantee egg once leave my house. Check out my website to see more pics and the birds living arrangements redroofhens.com
pay pal is [email protected]
also have 2 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte eggs I can throw in


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I promised my self I would not buy anymore eggs untill i have my big bator going!! Do u know how hard ur making it for me!! LOL!!
Its almost ready!! I want some more of ur eggs so bad!!!! The frizzle cochins I have r AMAZING! I just can't say enough bout them! They r SOOO smart! Midnight will follow me as I am killin flies on the floor, the flyswatter never bothers her! She stays right by me eating the flies as I kill them!! How smart is that!! Gorgous, & Punky will come to me when Im on the floor, and just hang out! All 3 will walk right up into my hands cause they know they r going to get out and play or Im gonna give them treats! I have NEVER had any chickens like this ever! They r my babies, Im very close to them. I Luv them soo much,
Thank u for such Gorgous, Amazing, Chickens!
I Should b ready by the middle of next week!
Then look out, Im hittn the auctions! LOL! I have 2 trays that can each hold 100 eggs each! I can't wait!!!!!!!
:weee I hope I can see more of ur eggs on here!!

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