12+ Blue Andalusian OR BBS LF Cochin Hatching Eggs Buy It Now - Includes Shipping! Lower Price


8 Years
Jan 13, 2012
Madera, CA
My hens are laying like crazy and my incubators are both full. So I have eggs to spare from these beautiful and prolific birds. I have eggs available from BOTH of these breeds. This is a Buy It Now listing and includes Priority USPS shipping in the price along with 12+ eggs. These are fresh eggs collected this weekend. They can ship out as early as Tuesday morning when the PO opens.

While I take every precaution and do what I can to ensure the eggs get to you safely, I can't be responsible for what happens to them once I turn them over to the USPS. I do send extra eggs, but there are no refunds or replacements. Each egg is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed inside a box with packing materials which is then placed inside a larger box stuffed full so there is no shifting of the eggs in transit.

To get your hands on this great deal, send me a PM and we'll go from there. Paypal only, with no e-checks.
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