12 Blue, Black and Splash Orpington eggs PLUS 2 Split Lavendar Orps!

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    ETA: I forgot to put on "plus extras". I always add a few extras to make up for unexpected accidents in the mail. In this case, I'll add 2 Split Lavender Orpington eggs from my Hink line Split black Orpingtons, which are in with my Hink line Lavendar Orp rooster. This should give you a greater chance of hatching Lavenders than if they were under a split black roo.

    12 Blue, Black and Splash Orpington eggs.

    The blues and black are bamachicken and Korfus Kluckers lines, the splash are MissPrissy.

    I kept many birds from last year's hatching and they are feathering out very nicely indeed.

    See photos on my website, http://www.poppycreekfarm.com/blue-black-and-splash-orpington-chickens/ - the second from last photo is of a 2010 juvenile.

    Poppy Creek Farm is on Facebook, and I am trying to get people who have tagged me personally in photos of birds they bought from me to post them on the PCF Facebook page.

    If you have any questions, or would like to pre-order / reserve eggs for this year, please email me [email protected] or PM me, I love to talk chicken!

    Eggs will be sent Priority Mail, first thing Monday morning, unless you would like a later shipping date. They will be well wrapped and packaged, but I cannot be responsible for what USPS does with them after they leave me. I will make EVERY EFFORT to ensure that the eggs arrive with you in good, hatchable condition. I have been getting GREAT hatches from these birds, with big, fat, fuzzy chicks.

    Please submit payment by Paypal within 24 hours of the auction ending. I'm sorry, I cannot accept checks.

    Thank you!
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