12 Blue/Black/Splash Orpington Eggs - ships today Priority from Va.


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May 7, 2007
Forks, Virginia
I have 12 blue black splash orpington eggs available for shipping today.

These eggs are from my blue, black and splash hens covered by Mosby, my blue orpington rooster.

I have had 100% hatches from eggs from these same hens. Since late June I have only had 5 eggs not develop or stop at some point in incubation. I have hatched every other egg with no problems.

I have no room in my incubators at this time. My brooders are over flowing with chicks.

These chicks just hatched last weekend.


**Due to the nature of the fragility of these eggs you must be willing to take a risk of 0% hatch rate with shipped eggs. I cannot be held responsible for actions and damage caused by the USPS.**

Paypal $27.50.
Oh my! Why do you have to flash such a tempting thing before my eyes?!?! All I can do here is think to myself, come quickly spring.
Nope! Not yet! I've been tempted, I tell you, but I really feel like I need to wait until spring to make sure I don't have any carriers in my flock. I certainly don't want to go for round 2 of the Coryza.

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