12+ Blue/Black/Splash Purebred Ameraucana


10 Years
11 Years
Jan 24, 2009
As our Ameraucana's are purebred, they will consistently lay an egg that is a minty shade of blue/green. Our goals for our line is not only to breed for the APA Standard of Perfection, but to improve the breed and educate the public on the characteristics of the true Ameraucana. These are easily tamed and tend to be a favorite in the flock. Rarely going broody, you will get lots of beautiful eggs from our Ameraucana's.

Our eggs are packaged beautifully. Each egg is individually wrapped in bubble wrap and set air cell up inside the box. No egg will touch the sides of the box. All eggs are shipped USPS Priority with delivery confirmation. Your delivery confirmation number will be emailed to you upon request. Of course, we offer no guarantee on hatching eggs due to having no control over how the eggs are handled in transit to you. We have yet to have a report of broken eggs. We get lots of reports of great hatches and many repeat customers.

Other breeds are available if you would like to mix and match, however full price will apply. You can see what we have to offer at our website, CountyLineHatchery dot com.

Payment methods:
Paypal to [email protected] are preferred.
Personal check is accepted, however payment must clear before eggs are shipped.
Money Order accepted.



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