12+ Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Eggs - Presale

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    This is a presale, but only because I just put a light on the girls today. Odds are they will be laying in the next week or two, so, to be on the safe side, the presale is for the eggs to be shipped out in February. If I can ship them out sooner, I'm more than happy to do it, and will contact the reserves in the order in which you are listed. Otherwise, please forgive the poor ladies who are dealing with our fine (chaotic) Missouri weather and assume a February shipping date.

    This auction is for 12 eggs plus any extras that the ladies are willing to give. They are from a nice large flock of 15 birds who have not only never come from the hatchery, but don't even know hatcheries exist. These are genuine Blue Laced REDS. I have multiple bloodlines in my flock from multiple breeders, and even keep multiple roosters in with them. You should have a lot of genetic diversity - enough to start your own small flock.

    I have been working on type, size and color, and have kept back the largest birds for this flock, since size seems to be so much of an issue in Wyandottes these days. None of these birds have any "Andalusian lacing" in their feathers, and most have been kept back for a soft "pigeon blue" coloring to maximize contrast.

    With so many hens, your eggs will be anywhere from 1-36 hours old when they are boxed up. I will collect eggs the day before sending them out, then collect any eggs that are laid that morning before the mailman arrives.

    Please remember that the Blue gene is incomplete, so you have the chance of getting Blue Laced Red, Black Laced Red, and Splash Laced Red in your flock. All three colors are beautiful and an assortment of all three colors is what you will get. Two of the roosters are Splash and one is a Blue. The hens are Splash and Blue, so you should have predominantly Splash and Blue chicks, with the occasional Black in there.

    Shipping and handling is a flat $15 for Priority, but can overnight the eggs if you want. I'm happy to ship to Hawaii or Alaska, but the price will likely be different. Contact me if you would like to buy eggs and live in either place.

    I can ship chicks, but as with anything else I ship, it will be overnighted - buyer pays for the box and the shipping, along with heat packs if desired. I can ship as few as a single chick out, or as many as you have me set. Chicks are $5 apiece and will be around a week old when sent out to make them a little more resilient for the trip.

    I would be tentatively interested in doing an egg trade for the following hatching eggs (no hatchery stock, please):

    Silver Grey Dorkings
    Blue/Wheaten Ameraucanas
    Norwegian Jaerhons
    Rose Comb Brown Leghorns
    Delawares (must be large heritage stock)

    Midget White Turkey
    Crimson Dawn/Black Wing Bronze Turkey

    Blue/Black/Splash Indian Runners (must have the upright "beanpole" build)
    Welsh Harlequins (SQ or from SQ/Holderread lines)
    Black East Indies

    American Buffs
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    Could you please post some pics of your birds?
    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    o yes can we see pics please , and when will you be hatching

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