12 Blue Orpington LF hatching eggs - Postage Paid - Buy it Now!

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    Blue Orpingtons - Large Fowl

    Our Blue Orpingtons are pure American Standard of Perfection type.

    No guarantee on hatching eggs, as we can not be responsible for damage caused in shipping.

    Make payment to PayPal to [email protected]

    This dozen is ready to ship NOW!

    First $50 gets them postage paid!
    Post "mine" below and once verified as the first to post mine,
    then make the PayPal payment.

    BLACK. Our Black Orpingtons are pure Cecil Moore line. These came from the Superior Farms sellout. We are extremely pleased with their quality and size.


    BLUE. Our Blue Orpingtons are a composite of several lines. We acquired them from a friend. We are now using the our Blacks to improve size and type. We have both a Black hen and a Blue hen with our Blue male.

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