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    Ive put my blue rock pen together and will have a dozen eggs for shipment on Monday or Tuesday. My blue rock rooster is penned with blue, black, one barred and two white rock hens. I have no clue what he and the white rock will produce, but they are very big and typy, which is why Ive added then to the mix.

    These guys have been out on 10 acres all summer together. I just penned them up the first of October. Note: theres a remote chance you may get a Marans cross. One hen escaped a few times and ran back to the free range mob. If its a cross, it will be obvious.

    Here is an excerpt from a PM I got a few months ago. I got such a kick out of this!

    I wanted to let you know that one of the birds we bought from you as an egg did very well in the Benton County Oregon Fair this last week. He won best plymouth rock cockerel, best of breed, AND BEST LARGE CHICKEN !! My 6 year old son who entered him in the Open Division is very excited and took home two ribbons and a nice plaque and four bucks prize money all on this cockerel. The poultry people at the fair commented on how well behaved he was. The judges were impressed by his width. We are quite pleased with Smokey. I have bred him with my Barnevelder hens to introduce the blue gene to that line and I have bred him to one of my better barred rock hens and we have about 30 chicks from him all included with more in the incubator.

    Payment by Paypal at close of auction, please.

    Please note: I am hatching these for myself right now, and as soon as I have enough I will put these girls back on free range, and wont have these available again for a while.

    Edit: Monday's shipment is sold. This auction will be for the end of next week.

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