12+ Blue/ Spash Orpington Eggs

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    Jun 14, 2009
    Up for your consideration is 10+ blue/ splash orpington eggs. My flock consists of splash rooster over 4 blue hens and 1 splash hen, this combination will create only blue and splash babies. Fertility has been excellent and I am hatching most eggs that I put in the incubator.

    I aways try to send extras, and as usual, I canot guarantee hatch rate due to the handling of the post office and incubating methods.

    Eggs will ship out on Monday, Apr. 25. Paypal needs to be made promptly. Thank you for looking!

    I will have a picture of my roo up as soon as it stops raining and he cooperates. Please ignore the mud- gotta love the Great Pacific Northwest. [​IMG]




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