12+ blue / splash Naked Neck Frizzle (green & brown) eggs

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  1. 12+ eggs from my blue / splash Naked Neck Frizzle Green-Egger pens will be available to ship Mon, 9/19.
    They will be fresh eggs, laid 16th, 17th, 18th.
    One pen has this splash Frizzle Naked Neck Green-Egger rooster:
    with blue / black Naked Neck green-egger and brown-egger hens:
    Another pen has a smooth blue Naked Neck Green-Egger rooster
    with blue / splash Frizzle Naked Neck Green-Egger hens:

    $12.00 for USPS Priority shipping (with Delivery Confirmation) and Handling.
    Here's a link to how you can expect your eggs to be wrapped and packed for shipping .

    My PayPal is [email protected].
    The box will be marked 'FRAGILE' 'PERISHABLE' 'EGGS FOR HATCHING ENCLOSED' so hopefully they will be kept out of the heat while they travel.

    If you have any special instructions like "Hold & Call for Pick Up", or would like them shipped to an address other than the addy in the PP info ---just add that and a ph# in the PayPal note so I don't miss it.
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    alvarado, Tx
    [​IMG] Mine are soooo cute [​IMG], they are getting their frizzle feathers.
  3. I'm so glad you are liking them, Terri!
  4. Barbedwirecat

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    Sep 16, 2011
  5. Soggy Bottom Farm

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    I had a awsome hatch from her eggs.. Will be buying some more later, want to wait to I can tell for sure what
    these guys/gals are.. Thanks they are really neat looking birds..
  6. Hi! That's great to hear, Angie.

    There are 16 eggs available for this box already, PLUS tomorrows eggs still to come.
  7. Thank you, Lauren! They will be heading out in the morning.

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