12 blue/splash Naked Neck Frizzle Green-Egger eggs

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I have 12 eggs from my blue / splash Naked Neck Frizzle Green-Egger pens available to ship tomorrow, 3/9.
One pen has this splash Frizzle Naked Neck Green-Egger rooster:

with blue / black Naked Neck Green-Egger hens:
Another pen has a smooth blue Naked Neck Green-Egger rooster

with blue / splash Frizzle Naked Neck Green-Egger hens:
(looking for pics).

Here's a link to how you can expect your eggs to be wrapped and packed for shipping .

Post 'sold' here or email if interested for later. My PayPal is [email protected].

If you have any special instructions like "Hold & Call for Pick Up", or would like them shipped to an address other than the addy in the PP info ---just add that and a ph# in the PayPal note so I don't miss it.

i was hoping they were LF.....i'm mentally fighting with myself NOT to order these cuz hubby MAY begin to think i have a problem!! lol! but i've ALWAYS been a fan of the naked necks. i had one silkie last year that i had to give away cuz my girls were picking on her. but that was before i allowed them to free range, so maybe things would be better if i tried a "different looking chicken" again. they're SO VERY ADORABLE!!! would the eggs be light green or olive?
Butting in to answer a question, sorry. I live in the desert southwest, and have had naked necks free ranging in the past. Their necks turn bright red, but I don't think it's sunburn. It's permanent as long as they're in the sun. They thrived in hot weather.

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