12+ Blue/Splash Silkie eggs

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    Available are 12+ eggs from my blue/splash Silkie pen. Colombian grey rooster over 1 blue splash and 2 white hens. I do have a gorgeous blue splash rooster from Bobbi Porto in this pen, but he's young and I'm not sure how well he's breeding yet. I have seen him cover the hens...or at least try to. [​IMG] So I suppose there's a possibility that some chicks hatched could be from him.

    Due to circumstances out of my control, I cannot guarantee how my eggs will hatch for you. There's just too many variables with shipped eggs. I wrap each egg in bubble wrap, then the eggs are placed in an egg carton which is taped. The carton is placed in a USPS Priority Mail box which is filled with packing material so that there is no shifting or movement by the egg carton. However, if the PO carriers choose to play "hot potatoe" with the box, I have no control over the resulting damage to the eggs, be it visual or not. Unless the buyer requests otherwise, the box will be labeled as "Fragile: Hatching Eggs". You can view my feedback here:

    Payment needs to be made via Paypal immediately following auction's end. These eggs will ship Tuesday, the 18th.

    Colombian grey roo:

    Bobbi Porto roo:

    White hens:

    Blue splash hen...in flight:
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    in flight [​IMG]

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