12 Buff brahma / Black copper marans or Salmon Faverolle hatching eggs

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    12 Buff Brahma, Black Copper Marans or Salmon Faverolle Our chickens are laying very well. All of our birds are big and healthy with heavy feathering on their legs. We are NPIP certified. Eggs are 35.00 per dozen plus 15.00 shipping. We ship out Monday/ Wednesday . I always send a couple extra eggs just in case if available . We have been getting very good hatch rates here but can not guarantee what yours may be due to many outside factors. We are very careful with the handling and shipping of the eggs. Each one will be marked and individually wrapped in bubble wrap. we accept PayPal. Sorry but we can not ship outside of the United States. All breeds listed are large fowl. Thanks for looking and pm us with any questions or to buy.
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