12+ Buff Laced Sebright Eggs Pics Added!


It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
I will have to upload a pic tomorrow, having computer issues tonight.
I sent a test batch from GA to Ca, 11 eggs made it and 6 developed, these were sent out when it was bitterly cold here in GA. The 6 that developed are in the hatcher now. I have 18 in the bator in Day 7 today, have not candled as they are with a friend (I sold all my bators) I am going to try to candle Monday.
I think these are really nice birds .

I do not take Paypal and these need to ship by Tuesday as these will be from today and through the weekend. I have had success trusting people to send the MO and I go ahead and ship the eggs so will do that on this auction.

Pictures added from today.


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They are pretty friendly! Not all cuddly like Cochins, but not Spazs at all.

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