12 buff Orpington eggs Hinkle lines.

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    May 4, 2008
    I have 12 Buff orpington eggs to ship out on weds 21st and are 100% These are nice heavy birds and are from Jody hinkles lines (Hinkjc here on BYC) 08 hatch. They have beautiful buff feathering lots of fluff and I've already hatched a bunch of babies this year and have more eggs in my sportsman incubator (It's full!) I could go on and on about these birds and they always hatch well for other buyers i've shipped to this year. They are my favorites for layers and mothers!
    My Paypal is [email protected]
    Heres some Pictures again everything I have right now is in moult.
    BO roo in moult (Sorry! he has alot better feathering I swear but I had a hard time finding good pictures of him)

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