12+ Buff Orpington Hatching Eggs

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    The auction will be for a dozen plus. My Buff Orpington flock has been separated for almost a month now, so their eggs should be pure. This is a good economical way to add a few Buffs to your flock. I would also consider a trade for other purebred eggs, depending on what you have. My girls are all laying Large, to X - Large brown eggs, most eggs are quite dark but some could be light brown.

    Below are pictures of some off-spring from my flock. The Rooster ( Bill Boy ) is huge, and isn't done growing yet. He is very sweet and will eat out of my hand and is very gentle to his girls. The other young hen ( Jane ) is very sweet and docile and I'm pretty sure she is laying. My Buffs are good free rangers and don't wonder far from the barn, they are heavy birds and offten go broody. They're very good mothers and just an all around great addition to any poultry flock.


    Bill Boy

    Bill Boy as a Chick

    J.T. one of my pullets from last year

    R.I.P. Prince, Bill Boy's dad

    Some Buff Orpington Chicks Hatched from my Flock:
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