12+ Buff Silkie eggs- NJ- $34 shipped w/ Deliv. Conf.

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    Apr 9, 2007
    I have Buff Silkies from Jody and they are laying everyday. They also have a Partridge Showgirl hen in there and a Buff Frizzled Cochin hen in with them too. The only Roo is a Buff Silkie. I generally can tell the Frizzled cochin's egg and the little SG's egg too. I'll keep those out if you don't want them. I can't tell 100% though so there is a chance of a Buff Sizzle chick or a Buff/Part SG chick. I've only hatched Buff Sizzles and Buff Silkies. No SG's yet. All Buff too so far. Fertility is great!
    Post sold and I"ll pack them and get them out....
    paypal only $34 (that includes Priority shipping with delivery confirmation)
    feel free to ask for pics if you are interested in seeing the parents or babies...

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