12+ Button or Coturnix quail eggs BIN w/ free shipping!

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    For your hatching addiction I have your choice of 12+ coturnix or 12+ button quail eggs. You can use the BIN button if you like, but the prices are as follows:

    12+ coturnix---$10 shipping included
    12+ buttons---$12 shipping included

    I can also combine the two (12+ of each) in the same shipment for $17 shipping included if you'd rather have them both.

    If you are interested in more eggs I can do 18+ and 24+ for buttons or 18+ for coturnix.
    18+ buttons is $15 shipped
    24+ buttons is $18 shipped
    18+ coturnix is calculated shipping (heavier box) plus $6 for the eggs.

    I currently have 10 breeding pairs of button quail, most of which can be seen here--> http://s461.photobucket.com/albums/qq337/shelleyd2008/buttons/May%2028--Breeders/

    coturnix I have a pair of whites (m/f), a trio of cinnamon (1 female, 2 male), a tuxedo male, a rosetta male, 4 rosetta and tibetan females, 2 brown females, and 2 golden females. I recently added a few dark tibetan and rosetta hens but they are young so I'm not sure they are laying yet. Currently they are all in the same pen.

    Shipping is included in the auction price. As with all hatching eggs sent through the mail I cannot guarantee your hatch. However, I can guarantee that you receive at least the number of eggs purchased free from damage. If you receive undamaged eggs numbering less than the number of eggs purchased I will replace them provided you pay shipping.

    I do not have much feedback on this new system but you can check out my feedback on Ebay if you like. Ebay username friend-2-fowl

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