12 chicks... pullets or roos? About 9 weeks

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    These are 12 of the 13 chicks we got for our school. 7 we hatched and 6 we bought as pullets (one is a RSL so i wont even bother). Here are the other five that we bought as pullets, who might be a bit older than the rest:
    1. EE, not sure on gender
    2. Deleware, im thinking rooster, but not sure
    3. Turken/naked neck, also thinking rooster, but i could be wrong...
    4. White leghorn, i think pullet[​IMG]
    5. Brown leghorn, also pullet

    And the 7 we hatched, mostly mixes:
    6. Mottled java/brahma/?, definitely a rooster
    7. Mottled java/brown leghorn, pullet?
    8. Mottled java (/?), not sure, maybe pullet?
    9. Mottled java (/?), maybe pullet?
    10. Barred rock bantam/silver spangled hamburg, pullet, i hope...
    11. Blue silkie, cant decide... i hope its a pullet
    12. Mottled java/ameraucana (basically EE), roo?
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    3, 6, and 12 are cockerels for sure. Everyone else looks like pullets.
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    totally agree
  4. and-roo

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    Even the first EE, the deleware, and the silkie?

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