12+ Coronation Sussex Hatching Eggs


11 Years
Jan 6, 2009
Howell, Mi
I have for auction 12+ PURE Coronation Sussex hatching eggs. We have 7 Pure Pullets and 2 young roosters. They are all about 9 months old and from Greenfire farms. We are getting 4-5 eggs a day. The hatching eggs will be double wrapped and shipping with USPS on Monday or Tuesday. More pictures can been seen on my website. Www.bjspoultry.weebly.com. We are hatching PURE Coronation Sussex chicks every sunday. We Shipped out 15 eggs last monday. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking. Take care.



Hi! I tried going to your website and it said it hadnt been published. Just thought you oughta know. It could be my phone though.... it has a habit of messin things up! I love your birds but I can only pay with a money order.
I just tried and it worked so I don't know. I can take money orders for next weeks eggs but these need to go out Monday. Let me know. Take care. Bryan
I started my Coro line with two different lines of splits, both that originated from Greenfire farms. My roosters are very large and have great color. Take care.
Thank you Jimmy. Good luck to Skip with your eggs. Hope you fared well thru the hurricane. Take care. Bryan
I have 15 ready to ship tomorrow from over the weekend including Friday. Take care. Bryan

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