12 crested cream legbar hatching eggs free shipping and baby chicks available now 35.00 pa


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Jun 26, 2012
12+ crested cream legbar hatching eggs ,auto sexing breed from the uk. lay lots of blue eggs and are very docile birds. parent stock from greenfire farms have 12 hens to 4 roos. my flock is uk standard no flopcombs on the roos and heavy cream around the neck. not responiable for your hatch rate or usps handling, to many things come into play.order by 205-777-1063 , www.chucksclucks.com, or through paypal [email protected] my feedback on ebay is 100% , if a problem shoud arise let me know and i will do what i can.shipping on chicks is 40.00 inclueds heat pack most time next day del. thank u
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