12 day old eastern wild turkey poult with dislocated leg


7 Years
May 24, 2012
i have a turkey poult with a dislocated leg at what i would call the hip. he's been like this since day two, so i hobbled him thinking it was a splayed leg. i think that made things worse, so after five days i removed the bandaid and his leg has turned to a more normal position than it was, but not to where it needs to be. i have been giving him physical therapy by gently stretching the leg all the way out and back again and that is when i noticed the bad leg stretches farther than the good leg which is what is leading me to think it's dislocated as opposed to tendon issues, but i could be wrong. i noticed today that there is some swelling near the hip joint of the bad leg and that part of his body tends to shake a bit. other than that i think he's fine - healthy appetite and drinks regularly and moves around his cage as best he can - no sign of him giving up or in pain (i think). is there any way to know if he can be "fixed" or do i need to consider culling him? he was a rescue from a clutch that i accidentally bush hogged and he's the only one to hatch. and, i have grown quite attached to norbert. i just want to make sure that i have tried everything before i put him down. if anyone has any advice, please share.


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