12 d'uccle eggs: porcelain & porcelain over mille fleur NPIP MO

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  1. While I am waiting for Georgia to send me my permit to send eggs to another buyer, I am offering a dozen d'uccle eggs for $20 shipped. About 1/3 will be from my pen with a porcelain roo over mille fleur hens. I will ship on the next mailing day after paypal is received, unless your state has shipping requirements beyond just needing a vs 9-3 form sent with the shipment. Then, the shipment would depend upon how fast your state and my state work together to send each other 'official papers' If you want proof of my hatch rates, you can visit the d'uccle thread for pics of happy hatchers. I use plenty of bubble wrap in the shipping! Thank you for supporting my chicken habit!


    paypal is [email protected]
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    you have no idea how tempted I am!!!
    But all I have is a hen that may be broody and I would hate to put eggs under her and she not sit on them.
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    Quote:Are these from a hatchery or?
  4. Quote:Are these from a hatchery or?

    These are out of offspring from Ugly Duckly's roosters and hatchery hens. You can contact Ugly Duckly to see if she has any right now.

    by the way, paypal is [email protected]
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