12+ Easter Egger eggs...PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING!


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Jul 24, 2008
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This is a buy it now auction...price INCLUDES shipping. These eggs will come from 2 different lines. Some will be blue wheaten Ameraucana rooster/EE hen cross, and some will be Delaware rooster/EE hen cross. I've hatched a lot of chicks from both lines. As young chicks, the Del/EE chicks look just like Delaware chicks with slate legs and pea combs. The Ameraucana/EE chicks have a lot of blue in them with very dark legs (not slate) and pea combs. These chicks could possibly end up laying blue eggs...who knows.
The eggs are green and blue green.
I've been selling all of my EE chicks, so I haven't raised any to maturity to see how they turn out. But I can guarantee that chicks from these eggs will be very cute and very unusual. And as a bonus...IF my Ameraucana hen becomes un-broody and lays during collection time, I'll throw in her project eggs as well.
Paypal payment expected within 24 hours of auction's end.
You can view my feedback here:

Due to circumstances out of my control, I cannot guarantee how my eggs will hatch for you...there's just too many variables with shipped eggs. I wrap each egg in bubble wrap, then the eggs are placed in an egg carton which is taped. The carton is placed in a USPS Priority Mail box which is filled with packing material so that there is no shifting or movement by the egg carton. However, if the PO carriers choose to play "hot potatoe" with the box, I have no control over the resulting damage to the eggs, be it visual or not.





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