12+ Easter Egger Green Eggs

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    Jun 30, 2009
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    Up for auction are 12+green/blue eggs from my Easter Egger and Ameraucana pen..they live together for now.All of my girls lay green or blue eggs.In the pen are true Ameraucana roos and hens as well as EE roos and hens.My Buff Ameraucana hen is laying for sure but I have yet to catch the 2 black ones. I will begin collecting these eggs at auction close so they can be shipped out the following Monday for fresh eggs.My chickens prefer to play in mud puddles so I suspect eggs will not be perfectly clean and stain free but my first hatch 15 eggs went in 15 chicks popped out.I put 16 in the second time and 16 are growing and dth next Monday so fertility has been great but you know the rest..because of shipping yada yada yada but if for some reason you have a bad hatch I will make it right with you..everyone needs Fuzzy Butts! Here are just some of the residents of the pen.
    [​IMG] Ameraucana
    [​IMG] Splash Ameraucana Roo sorry about the stretched pose he was trying to fly out
    [​IMG] EE
    [​IMG] EE
    [​IMG] EE roo and 2 hens He no longer lives here
    [​IMG] EE roo and hen
    [​IMG] My sons Roo he's King of the Kingdom..those white flecks are snow flakes not his feathers
    [​IMG] The eggs
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    Jan 30, 2010
    new to forum. I have 4 silkie hens and want some easter eggers to add.
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    Jun 30, 2009
    Lebanon TN
    These won't ship now until it warms up middle of next week.I will be shipping very fresh eggs though no older than 3 days when they go into the mail.
    We love our silkies here as well..so small and fluffy [​IMG]
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