12+ Easter Egger Hatchin Eggs (Pics Added)


9 Years
Oct 24, 2010
I have for Auction 12+ Easter Egger, I call them Muffs, hatchin eggs. I have one 1 1/2 yr. old roo with two 1 1/2 yr. old hens in one of my breed pens & I have been gettin two Blue eggs a day for the last couple of months. I set a few of my eggs with a batch that our member Kelly G sent me & had a 100% hatch on my eggs & a pretty dang good rate on Kelly G's shipped eggs. I am runnin this Auction for 7 days so I should be able to ship 14 eggs. I will post a picture of my breed stock later today or tomorrow as it's rainin here in Tennessee & don't wanna get my camera wet. Thank you & Good Luck. Here are a few pictures as promised of my breed stock
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Really, what makes you think that? The leg color? Her build or looks? We've always just called them Muffs & I didn't start learnin the names of the breeds til I joined here.
I think the Poster was noting the build of the bird, slate blue colored legs, pea comb. I'm certainly no expert on the breed, I don't know much myself, but it looks close.
Well it's final then, I am lookin for a matchin roo & 2-4 hens!! What about my black one as they are sisters that I have raised from 3 months old.
Here is the reply I promised to post on the shippin of my first auction last week: " The eggs all made it safe, sound, and in one piece. Thank you for not smothering the eggs in bubble wrap. I had a couple of batches come in that there is no way those eggs were able to breathe. We'll see how it goes. They went into the bator today so, in case I forget, ping me in 3 weeks and I'll let you know how the hatch went.
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