12+ EE Eggs- $25 Shipped!

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    This is for 12+ eggs from my EE home flock.

    These are eggs from my docile, loving Easter Eggers who lay varying colors of eggs. One lays an almost grass green, one a lemongrass, and the other 2 lay bluer eggs of a nice dark shade. Here's a shot with my crazy ET fingers for color comparison.

    I pack in bubble wrap and will make the eggs as secure as possible. My shipped eggs have an excellent hatch rate of fat, healthy chicks. We feed the hens 19% with organic supplements.


    You can see pics of chicks from these birds in this thread: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=268663

    [​IMG]This is Ms. Owl, her eggs are the deeply colored teal.

    [​IMG] This is CindyLou Who (the smallest beard of all)

    [​IMG] Kiwi lays the mint green with a tan overlay- a pale olive, often with purple speckles.

    Roo's white with blue lacing and blue tail, black and white striping on his streamers. His kids with Kiwi are consistently 50% blue laced (Andalusian-style) and 25% splash or black, and the other 25% are chipmunk.



    I'll have them ready to go to the post office upon payment, chookschick at gmail dot com!

    Thanks for looking!!

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    I wish, I wish. I don't have any room now. [​IMG]
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    ugh so tempted!

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