12+ EE eggs - Pretty blues! **24 Hr Acution**

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    I am overrun with eggs right now! This is for 12+ EE eggs to ship out Thursday, 4/21. I have 2 EE roos, 1 Wheaten Ameraucana roo, & 1 Blue Cuckoo Marans roo over 5 EE girls, 1 EE/Silkie girl (lays a blue egg), and 1 Wheaten Ameraucana girl. Running with them I also have 1 RIR, 1 Blue Rock, & 1 Sizzle. I won't send their eggs unless you want them, but they make some cute babies and the Sizzle's daughters could be frizzled and lay blue eggs! Egg color is kind of hard to see in the pic (shows up darker on the computer), but colors range from pale blue to turquoise to light green/olive.

    Here are some of the crew:


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    Oh, so pretty!! [​IMG]

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