12 EGGS CRAZY SURPRISE AUCTION~ 24hr Heritage & Rare Breeds


11 Years
Jun 11, 2008
~12 EGGS CRAZY SURPRISE AUCTION~ 24 hour ~Heritage & Rare Breed ONLY~ !!!
HERE IS A LIST OF FERTILE EGGS YOU MIGHT RECEIVE IN YOUR WINNING PACKAGE (CHICKENS CHOICE) and you will get more than 3 breeds. I only raise poultry from the best lines I can find and take pride in our breeding programs here at RevolutionMama Ranch - I don't raise any hatchery type birds. We have a healthy flocks that are all NPIP Certified & AI tested clean. Shipping is USPS Priority Mail or you are welcome to upgrade to Express Mail, which generally starts at $28.99. We wrap the eggs well to ensure they get to you safely. If you have special requests, such as requesting a 'Hold-Call' note on the box so you can pick them up at the Post Office, please email the phone number or include the information in your comments at payment.
Terms of Sale
We don't guarantee our eggs after they leave our possession, as there are too many factors beyond RevolutionMama Ranch control. We hatch in R-Com incubators regularly and have other farms in the area hatch test out as well- the eggs are fertile when shipped. We have wonderful success with our hatches! If the eggs get to you in one piece, please leave positive feedback when you receive them, as we have fulfilled the bargain as arranged. Any concerns should not be directed through the feedback system. We except PayPal via [email protected] or Money Order. If you pay with Paypal please put in the comment section which auction you won and include your phone number if you would like it put on the box
Oh, and we LOVE to add extras to your order cuz we want you to be

Buff Sussex
Silver Sussex
Red Sussex
Light Sussex
Coronation Sussex
Black Sumatra
Silkied Seramas
Lavender Orpingtons
Smooth & Frizzle Show Quality Polish Bantam Crested in White, White Crested Black, White Crested Chocolate, White Crested Khaki, & White Crested Cuckoo
Crested Mapuche
Nikkei/Mapuche Huastec

Take a look at our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Revolutionmama-Ranch/107928304406 (and "Like" it) and you can see pictures and info on the farm or check out my Picturetrail for more pictures & info at http://picturetrail.com/homePage/revolutionmama









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