12+ eggs from KY~~Silkie, BTW jap, and mixed bantams


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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
Hi there! I really need someone to take these eggs!! I have vowed not to hatch any more eggs, unless it is done by the chickens. The chickens are full!!

I have some eggs from a white silkie hen, and some from a BTW jap hen or two. There are also some from a blue splash dutch hen, and from a black dutch hen.

The silkie's eggs should be pure, as the silkie roo is very protective!! I have yet to hatch a mixed silkie from these eggs.

There are 2 BTW japs, and their eggs should also be pure, for the same reasons.

I don't have a dutch roo, but the black dutch hangs with a roo that is half dutch, if that helps any

The splash dutch has been witnessed breeding with a mille fleur d'uccles and a BB red phoenix, so her eggs are very mixed! But I'm sure they will be some pretty babies!

Be aware that almost all my birds free range at this time, I don't have the facilities to seperate them. But the silkies stick to their 'kind' as do the japs. So their eggs should be pure.

Total with shipping is $17. I have 15 eggs available right now. I would like to ship these out tomorrow, and any eggs I find before the carrier arrives will be included.

Please post sold and pm me for paypal info

Thanks for looking!!

There are 19 total eggs ready to go on Monday!
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