12 English Chocolate Orpington Bantam Hatching Eggs Free Shipping!

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  1. Joshw

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    Aug 24, 2014
    I am offering for sale 12 English Chocolate Orpington Hatching Eggs.

    All eggs are from my personal flock, and are gathered twice daily. They will be turned several times a day, while awaiting shipment. I am currently getting 12 to 16 eggs a day, so I will not ship eggs, older than 2 days old.

    I will ship eggs Priority Mail Mon-Wed unless a Holiday would increase delivery time. All eggs will be individually bubble wrapped and double boxed to help protect them in shipping. I will provide a tracking number after shipping so you can get ready for your delivery.

    Due to the sensitive nature of hatching eggs, I don't make any guarantees, other than I will do everything I can, to get you fresh, fertile, and undamaged eggs. However,I can not control what happens to your eggs during shipping, or control the environment theywill be hatched in. So I do not offer any kind of refund or returns.

    If you are interested contact me, and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

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