12+ Exhibition Line New Hampshire Eggs

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    12+ New Hampshire eggs to ship Tuesday April 24th.

    These are from the imported German line and are absolutely stunning in color and form.

    Bidding will start at 50.00 and increase in 1.00 increments. Please post bids as a reply to this thread.

    Bidding will end Monday April 23rd at 8pm EST. Paypal only- [email protected] by 9pm Monday EST.

    Shipping is 15.00 - west of the Mississippi 20.00. Priority with delivery confirmation.

    I double box and pack very well. I cannot be responsible for any damage done by the PO, but they will
    be packaged in a manner to best protect the eggs while in transit. People are getting really good hatch rates on these.

    PM from a buyer in NC:
    14 of 16 made it to lockdown... 13 have hatched !!!!

    and from a repeat buyer in CA:
    I am very happy to report that 13/15 hatched. I am THRILLED. They look so plump and healthy.
    I just got word that my second batch from you hatched. 14 went into lockdown. ALL HATCHED. [​IMG] Amazing I say.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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