12 + extras Light Sussex/Split to Coronation Hatching Eggs


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
Up for auction are eggs from my Light Sussex Flock. The Original Rooster and Hen are from Greenfire Lines.

The Light Sussex are a wonderful dual purpose bird, big, friendly and healthy. They stand confinement or free range as you desire.

During the first year of laying the eggs average a medium size. The second year they average large size.

Fertility is great and the chances are good that you will hatch several Pure Coronation chicks from these eggs. Please realize that due to the crossing of breeds to obtain the Coronation coloring, some Coronations have lightly feathered shanks. I cull for that however there is a chance you will hatch some chicks that have this feature. My Light Sussex themselves do not have feathered shanks, it only occurs in the Coronation coloring.

I will add as many extras as the hens are willing to lay and include them in at no extra charge. I want you to have an excellent hatch.

I will ship these out at the end of the auction before the post office closes to insure you receive them before the weekend.

Thank you!
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What is the difference between these birds compared to Light brahma other than feather shank.
Honestly I am not very familiar with the Light Brahma. I have picked one up and it was not that heavy when compared with my Light Sussex but that was only one Roo and I don't want to tag them as something they aren't.

I believe that Brahmas body type is quite a bit different also.

Whether you are going to raise these for meat, eggs or show I think you will really enjoy this breed. They are friendly without being as aggressive as some breeds I have raised and they are the hardiest of all I have raised.

Mine hit their growth spurt about 14 weeks and then it is just amazing to watch them go. Then hens also layed through winter although not nearly as many. I was impressed however as I gave them no additional light or heat.
No the Roo and the main pullet come from GreenFire. The Coronation hen is their offspring as are 2 more. The others come from a fellow BYC'r whose birds were also from Greenfire but a few were from Paul Bradshaw to introduce new blood.

Mine are mostly Greenfire but they are all very nice. Last Autumn I had a man come out to the farm to do some tractor work and I had to chuckle because he wanted to know what kind of Turkey my Light Sussex Roo was.

When I said it was a Chicken he couldn't believe it due to the size of him. He weighs in at about 9.5 lbs. The hens are around 6

It looks like I have to ship these out Thursday because the auction ends after my PO closes. We are up to 10 eggs and I still need to collect today and then tomorrow before I ship them.
Can you tell us about the numbers of what there are in the breeding flock these eggs would be coming from? Maybe I missed how many Coronations how many splits or lights you have?

Thank you!
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I have 8 hens that I have culled down to what I consider the best. I have the one Roo. So far from the eggs I have hatched out recently (sorry I really wasn't keeping track) I would guess that out of 15 eggs 3 were Coronations. 2 are pullets and there is one little roo. I looked at their shanks and the girls are clean shanked and the roo has slight feathering.

I will grow him out some and then process him because they are a good meat bird. I have 3 other roos that I am growing out and one has great potential. The other two are very good but chances are it will be freezer camp--you only need a few roos.

These are wonderful looking birds and although it doesn't count for much, the Hen and Roo took blue ribbons at the fair. It was the only time I have entered birds in a fair and it will be the last. What a headache.

Although these are very striking, I love the fact that they are hardy. Hardy is good! They also do well with other birds. My brooder was getting crowded and I decided to incorporate the 10 week old chicks into the main coop. They are doing great in there, even with all the grown hens.
I always forget to add that I am also NPIP certified. Thanks!

Here is are a few pictures of the hen from the original Greenfire Pair. One when she was very young and then another from last fall. She has the same conformation as her Mama, big and full.

Also here is a pic of 4 young Light Sussex that are getting too big for the brooder, and another of a Coronation that has been in the main coop for about a week. She is a bit dirty because it has rained and snowed here for the past few days.

The other 2 didn't want to come in out of the run and cooperate.




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