12+ French Black Copper Maran Hatching Eggs from Taylor Hobby Farms


9 Years
Dec 2, 2010
This classified ad is for a PREORDER for 12+ fertile hatching eggs from our French Black Copper Marans (to be shipped MARCH 12, 2012). Shipping is included in the price above. I am still learning this new system so at least for this time, the first one to reply to this ad agreeing to buy, will get the eggs. Please pay within 48 hours of committing to [email protected] or contact me and I can send you an invoice.

Our chickens are all well taken care of, having spacious separate pens and being allowed to free range alternately during the week. We do not use artificial lights nor straight laying crumble, so our hens are happy and unstressed. None of the breeds that we have are allowed to mix so you are guaranteed to receive eggs from the breed listed in this auction. We do not sell hatching eggs on any breeds until they have been tested and reach a fertility rate of 95% or better. Different breeds require a different rooster to hen ratio and you can buy with confidence that we have done everything possible to increase our fertility rates. Check out our website for further information or feel free to contact us. I think you will be pleased with the Testimonials and feedback that we have received.

Our French Black Copper Marans are of the Wade Jeane and Green Fire Farms bloodlines and meet the French Standards. They have light feathering on the outside toe, orange eyes, and no copper can be found in the breast. They lay the desired dark eggs as seen in these photos. That being said, please note that a hens' eggs will lighten towards the end of her laying cycle, but will be dark again at the beginning of her next. There is a varying shade of dark brown in the eggs we are currently gathering. We have culled our Marans several times and will continue to do so, in order to bring you the best quality possible.

All our flocks have received their NPIP Certification, having been tested for Pullorum, Typhoid and Avian Influenza. I also carry an egg candling license and a poultry dealer/broker license. We have been raising chickens for more than ten years and have been hatching from our own eggs since 2009.

Eggs will be gathered three days prior to shipment and will ship on MARCH 12, 2012 and will ship USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. When the eggs are shipped, I will wrap them individually with tissue, place them in a breathable carton and ship them Priority mail in a box filled with packing peanuts. Unfortunately, we have no control over what happens to the eggs once they leave our hands, i.e. rough handling, x-rays, poor incubator settings, etc. We will send a minimum of 2 extra eggs and possibly as many as 5 to increase your odds for a good hatch.

Shipping only available to the continental 48 states.
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