12+ French Black Copper Marans chicks, Jeane Presley line

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    Nov 29, 2009
    These chicks will be shipped on 4.18.11 as day olds. They will be shipped priority but can be sent express, which I highly recommend. Express shipping will be more though so please keep that in mind, $42.50 with box to most states except the west coast states.
    My main roo is a pure Jeane. The hens are Jeane/Presley lines. The eggs we are getting from this flock are wonderful and dark. Some are lightening up as they are further along in their laying cycle.
    ALL our breeding birds are feather legged. However, as with the case of most and now that we are into our 4th-5th generations we occasionally get a clean legged chick. All my birds come from private breeders. This is a second shipment that will also be shipping the same day as the last auction. I will have more shipping dates in the future. You can contact me privately to custom order your shipment.
    We feed our birds a 20% laying pellet along with Game Bird conditioner and vitamins. They get to free range every other day too.
    My paypal account and email you can reach me is [email protected]
    Payment is by paypal only and due 24 hours after auction ends. NO ECHECKS.
    Not responsible for PO mishaps. Chicks will arrive at the PO healthy and ready to ship.
    I do not ship to Hawaii or outside the US.


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