12+ Gamefowl hatching eggs - black roundheads.

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    I have a friend selling some of his own blend of Black Roundheads, anyone who is interested in starting with games will have a good start with these. The price includes 2-3 day shipping, but if you buy two dozen they will only cost you 50.

    To answer a few questions I received in the last eggs I posted for him. Gamefowl hens can be kept together with each other and other breeds as well, this depends of course on the aggressiveness of the lines. This line, coexists perfectly except for the cocks. Gamefowl are not the best of layers, but they will lay about 5-7 a week if conditions are ideal, and they tend to make the best broodies and mothers known. Gamefowl are some of the best foragers, economic eaters, and are generally gentle towards people. History/more information regarding American gamefowl can be found in the BYC breed section.

    If interested PM me and I will forward you his contact information, he accepts money order only.

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