12+ hatching ameruana & cochin frizzles/none eggs

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    Feb 20, 2010
    we have 12+ hatching eggs for auctions. they will be out of my blue standard cochins and my ameruanas hens with a brown and black frizzle standard cochin roo. they are nice big eggs and come in color blue, olive,light brown and dark brown. they are in together so you will get frizzle and none frizzle and ameruanas in feather feet and frizzle. the hens are in Blue cochins only and the ameruanas are in white, partridge,buff,wheat,I will get as many eggs as possiable so you will get more then 12. I will also throw in some Du'ccles eggs in mottles blue and some black. parents are splash so you may get that color as well. will not guarantee any of the eggs once they leave here but we have been getting 98% hatching here in out home. But cant say once they are ship. I will do my very best on shipping them this is my very frist time doing this so if any get broken i will replace them for you. if you want to see pics of my chickens please email me @ [email protected]. all my chickens are very healthy and pretty.we feed them the best feed we can get. thank you for looking.[​IMG] produces
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