12 Hatching eggs black copper, blue,cuckoo and blue splash marans


11 Years
Nov 14, 2008
I am offering theses eggs for sale all my marans are seperated and has thier own pens.I am also NPIP certified. At this time my incubator is packed and I have no more room..LOL
Now would be the time to get a good start of these birds, or add new blood to your existing lines. My black coppers came from Bev Davis. my blue splash came from rite here on byc, my blues from godzilla in texas. Egg color is really good on them.
Eggs will not be no older then 3 days at shipping.I ship on mondays and tuesdays. This is a paypal only, shipping is a flat 14.00


website: www.norrrusmarans.com

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