12+ Hatching Eggs - Purebred assortment, $$ Incl shipping

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    Buy it Now....We are offering 15 (12 + at least 3 extras) hatching eggs from our purebred pens:
    BBS Ameraucana, Dominique, Buff Orpington, White Leghorn, BBS Standard Cochin, 3/4 BC Marans (temporary roo is 1/2 BC Maran and 1/2 Barnvelder, until BCM roo gets old enough to "work")
    We will do our best to give you as many of the type or types you request, but can't guarantee a full dozen of any one type as we only ship eggs 1-2 days old. Note: The girls are picking up so we can usually do a dozen of anything except Ameraucanas.

    Eggs from all pens have candled fertile and growing. This being said, due to variables in shipping conditions, incubators, and hatching techniques, we make no guarantee that the eggs sent will hatch. However, we want you to be happy and if you have a lousey hatch, let us know and we will work wirth you.

    We also have Pekin duck eggs for $2 ea and Brown Chinese Goose eggs for $5 ea. if you want to add to your order.

    We ship Mondays and Wednesdays so orders will be scheduled as we receive them. Payment is due at time of order but feel free to pm us to get the shipping availability first,

    Price includes Priority Mail Shipping. Payments via Paypal accepted (id: [email protected])
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    great cochins here!

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