12 + Heritage Rhode Island Red Hatching Eggs (added Egg photo)


16 Years
Jan 12, 2007
Chebanse, Illinois
This auction is for 12+ heritage Rhode Island Red hatching eggs. They are very large, brick shaped and dark mahogeny in color. They are very docile and good layers of large brown eggs. Fertility has been checked and we are quickly getting overrun with chicks. We just finished a hatch of 28 out of 30. Our kids have done very well showing them in 4H too.

I try to include at least 6 extras as long as the hens cooperate.

This is a paypal only auction (no e checks please) Payment is due at auctions end, so the eggs can ship Monday morning 3/7. Paypal to: [email protected]
I pack very well in bubblewrap and ship priority mail with delivery confirmation.

We are NPIP.

Thanks for looking,
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I am having nothing but trouble posting photos tonight...must be full moon or something! I will try again.



Had a request for a picture of some of their eggs, so here is a picture, the shades of brown vary and it was hard toget a good picture...too much light...not enough light..but I think you can get the idea and a good idea of the size of the eggs as well.

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