12 Heritage Turkey eggs BIN shipping included

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    Up for grabs a mixture of turkey eggs.

    You will get 3 Blue Slates
    3 Midget Whites
    6 Royal Palms........I will explain about those in a minute.

    If somebody happens to lay an extra one I will throw that in also.
    I will only be leaving this auction up until tonight sometime, or I will have room in my incubator tomorrow.
    If they are bought they will ship out in the morning.

    Price includes shipping in a large priority box, with plenty of bubblewrap, and [​IMG].

    Paypal only.

    On to the Royal Palms.....some of them "could be" mixed with my Blue Slate Tom.

    I had all of my Blue Slate and Royal Palm hens in with my Blue Slate tom. It had just been raining too much and muddy outside. The girls have been with their tom for 2 weeks now but I guess there is a possibility of a Blue Palm. [​IMG]

    I am not going to split up the order.

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