12+ Indian Runner Duck Hatching Eggs

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    Mar 15, 2010
    I am offering 12+ extras (girls willing) of my Indian Runner Duck Eggs.

    I have black, blue, splash, fawn & white, lavender, and 1 penciled runner.

    They all carry the crest gene.

    At this time I have 20 adult runners. 10 drakes and 10 hens.


    My hatch rate is high! I have a small styrofoam Hova-bator incubator.

    I also have babies, and teenagers that I have hatched from these

    runners. The colors on them appear to be black, blue, lavender,

    and possibly white. It is hard to tell for sure what the colors will be until they are full grown.

    My runners are locked up at night and are free to roam all day!

    If you want to see more pictures go to my pages, page 2. (I just learned how to do pictures.)

    I feed twice a day (scratch) plus table scraps ( when there are some), and they have as much high protein feed (game bird feed) to eat during the night as they want. But I feel the bugs, and whatever else they eat during the day while they roam is the key to their happiness, health and excellent fertitlity.

    I know how to package eggs for shipping so that they will arrive intact! (I've ordered enough to know what is the proper way so that the air sacs don't break!) I wont charge you $16.95 and then ship your eggs in a small box for $8.60! I am only charging a small fee to help cover material and time costs. Your eggs will be shipped priority flat rate which is $14.95! The other $2 is the material, ect... costs. I will also send you a confirmation #.

    You should have a excellent hatch. Of course like everyone else I can't garauntee your hatch rate do to things beyond my control, but I will do all I can to see you have a great hatch! If you need help or info on hatching, ect...
    please feel free to email me.

    My ducks are not wormy as I have went to alot of trouble to find out what you can use to worm ducks for all the types of worms they get! Wormy ducks and chickens can cause a poor hatch rate! Now if you are wanting to raise runners to sell commercially for meat or to sell the eggs commercially you don't want my eggs as the U.S. Gov't. has a no drug policy, but you can sell to friends, family, and individuals, just not grocery stores. (Acutally you could but it would be illegal.)

    To read about worming your ducks, yourself, your dogs, your kids, ect.....How to kill head lice.....Check this link where I've posted the information I obtained in my search for a wormer for my ducks, and other critters! Be sure to read all of the pages!



    You will realize why sometimes the eggs you buy have a poor hatch rate even though you did everything right!

    If you have any questions feel free to email me.

    I will ship these eggs on Monday after the auction ends.

    Thanks and Happy Bidding!

    Payment will be expected the same day as the auction ends. I accept PayPal only! Please make payment to [email protected] through PayPal.

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