12+ INDIAN RUNNER hatching eggs, Auction.

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    Mar 15, 2010
    I am offering 12+ Indian Runner hatching eggs up for auction. (I'll send 6 extras).

    I have crested and non-crested runners in black, white, brown, and a silvery light blue color, and one crested fawn and white. They all roam together, so there is no telling what color of babies you might hatch, or how or many if any will have crests.

    Bidding starts at $18 and increases by $.50. Bidding ends Sunday, Jan.29th at 10pm central time. This is a special starting price for BYC members.

    You can also check my feedback on Ebay. My handle there is mimis_place. Here is a link where I have Indian Runner eggs for sale on Ebay. From this page you can check my feedback.


    I also have a listing for Seramas on Ebay. I have 13 eggs collected so far and will send 18 in it provided the girls keep laying.

    Please do not PM me with bids. Post your bids here.

    You can figure your shipping by going to USPS calculate postage. The weight is approx. 9 #'s and the box is 12" X 12" X 10". My zip is 73434.

    I wrap each egg in a Bounty paper towel and place them aircell up in a egg carton which is placed in the above size box surrounded by wadded newspaper. The box is very brightly marked.

    I have 72 hour heat packs which can be added to your package for an additional $5 per pack.

    Delivery conf. #, and my hatching tips will be sent to winning bidder once payment has been received and cleared. I will also leave feedback at this time.

    Payment is expected by Monday, Jan. 30th, 2pm. Your eggs will be ready to ship by this time.

    Payment is to be made through PayPal. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!

    I will contact the winning bidder through a PM to find out where to send a money request/invoice too.

    Like all sellers of hatching eggs, I cannot guarantee your hatch or how the post office will handle your eggs. But, I will do my best to see that you have a good chance of hatching baby ducklings.

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