12+ Lavender & 7 Split/Lav Project Orpington Eggs

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  1. Tony

    Tony Songster

    Jan 16, 2008
    These eggs will ship out Saturday May 15th.
    I have 12+ lavender and 7 black split lavender eggs. I will send any and ALL other lavender and split eggs laid between now and shipping day. I will update the number of eggs available, as I get them.
    The Lavenders are out of my pen, pictured above, that has 2(not 5) Lav roos and 8 Lav pullets.
    The splits ,pictured below, are out of my pen with 2 lavender roos,2 lavender hens and 8 black split lavender hens. Some of the eggs out of the black split pen WILL be pure lavender, but unless I catch the lav hens laying them, I have no way of knowing which ones are theirs.
    Thanks, Tony
    Ignore the black roo in front, he`s long gone from this pen.

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